Facilities & Programs

Entrepreneurial Support


TBEIC is an Entrepreneurial Services Provider (ESP) through JumpStart Inc., a venture development organization that combines the principles of (private) venture capital and (non-profit) economic development to help entrepreneurs start and grow companies. TBEIC is one of 12 partner organizations in the Northeast Ohio Startup Network. However, because TBEIC is the only energy incubator in the state, TBEIC can work in all 88 Ohio counties. The ESP program includes Entrepreneurs in Residence, who mentor and provide industry experience to startups at no cost to clients.

Access to Funding

TBEIC is a matchmaker for startups seeking capital from a variety of sources including individuals, the state, venture firms, and others. TBEIC is a founding partner of Valley Growth Ventures, a for profit investment fund. Since inception, TBEIC has helped its clients raise over $60 million in private investment.

Technical Expertise & First Customers

TBEIC assists tech-enabled energy startups with validation through a network of technical experts in energy storage, IoT, and grid integration. Thought leaders from industry and academia are accessible through TBEIC's network, including IN2 channel partners. TBEIC also helps its clients connect with first customers such as public and private utilities.

Startup Community

TBEIC's facility is centrally located in Courthouse Square. As a former main street department store, TBEIC serves as a gathering spot for freelancers, sidehustlers, and all those with creative outputs. TBEIC encourages Co.Lab membership to meet and collaborate with inspiring people. Open spaces, classrooms, and and the community provide the ideal environment for workshops, trainings, and gatherings.

Real Estate

TBEIC offers closed-door offices to tech-enabled startups at reasonable rates with free wifi and utilities.

Energy Integration Lab

The EIL provides comprehensive battery and fuel cell development and testing resources for AC and DC devices that range from milliwatts up to 25kW. The lab can be utilized for the processes of design and creation, multi-faceted testing and grid simulation. The EIL was equipped in part by a $245,000 grant from the Appalachian Regional Commission to enhance the service delivery of technical assistance targeted toward business development and growth.