Who We Are

TBEIC is Ohio’s only energy incubator that helps technology startups in the energy industry
innovate and grow. TBEIC provides mentoring services and other resources to its portfolio
companies and acts as a matchmaker between startups and research institutions, manufacturers,
and utilities. The facility includes office, event, coworking space and the Energy Integration Lab,
a well-equipped space for testing energy storage and IoT solutions. Since becoming an
entrepreneurial services provider in 2012, TBEIC has assisted nearly 200 energy startups and
facilitated over $60 million in private investment.




Power of the Future

Power of the Future

“Let the future tell the truth, and evaluate each one according to his work and accomplishments. The present is theirs; the future, for which I have really worked, is mine.”

-Nikola Tesla



Our Mission and Purpose

Purpose Statement: We actively believe in people’s ability to change the world. We live at the intersection of energy and technology, where people build businesses that create opportunity and capacity for others. We work alongside startup companies, and organizations that wish to create new products, help them from ideation to commercialization with mentorship, space, technical assistance, introduction to funding and a community that will advocate for and support them.

Diversity Statement: We recognize the disparity of race and sex in the STEM and Entrepreneurship sectors and will actively seek opportunities to engage in the communities that we serve to educate and empower minorities and women to get involved in technology fields.



Our Team

Rick Stockburger

President and CEO

Sara Daugherty

Director of Operations and Economic Impact

Bill Whittenberger

Chief Technology Officer

Dave Nestic

Entrepreneur in Residence

Ted Theofrastus

Chief Innovation Officer/General Counsel

Chris Mather

Entrepreneur in Residence


Chief Morale Officer

Board of Directors

Mr. Donald Emerson

Executive Committee Secretary, Secretary, Trumbull Metropolitan Housing Authority

Mr. Patrick Kelly

Director, Economic Development

Dr. Max Briggs

Acting Aeronautics Research Directorate Mission Directorate Liaison for Small Business Innovative Research

Ms. Barb Ewing

Director, Youngstown Business Incubator

Mr. Rick Leonard

Ex-Officio District Director, Office of Congressman Tim Ryan OH13

Mr. Theodore Schmidt

Regional President, PNC

Mr. Stan Feret

Executive Committee, Treasurer Director, Cortland Banks

Mr. Bill Phillips Jr.

President, Niles International Expanded Metals

Mr. Anthony Trevena

Executive Committee Vice President, Director of Economic Development, Western Reserve Port Authority

Mr. Doug Franklin

Executive Committee, Mayor, City of Warren

Mr. John Pogue

Executive Committee President, President, Harrington, Hoppe & Mitchell

Mr. Pat Valente

President, Ohio Fuel Cell Coalition

Mr. John Lauletta

CEO and CTO, Exacter, Inc.

Mr. Bill Merkel

VP, Planning and Marketing, Nidec Industrial Solutions

Mr. Phillip Walker

Customer Advocate CEO, Network Solutions Provider USA

Michael Hripko

Associate Vice President for External Affairs, Government Relations and Economic Development, Youngstown State University